Restructuring and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy support

Asset and debt restructuring

Challenging illegal transactions

Challenging subsidiary liability

Bankruptcy support
Restructuring of assets and debts
Challenging illegal transactions
Challenging subsidiary liability

We have significant experience in effectively protecting the interests of both creditors and debtors in corporate bankruptcy proceedings.

We represent our customers with arbitration managers and in courts.

Full support of a bankruptcy process in the Russian division of a major oil and gas Indian group of companies.
Successful representation of Unified Investments Ltd (UK) in all instances in the case of an administrator challenging a GBP 3 million loan agreement between a borrower and the company (as part of the borrower's bankruptcy).
Successful protection of interests of international contractor Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción S.A. in a dispute with an administrator of one of the Russian contractors to invalidate a contractor agreement termination stipulating mutual “waiver” of debt between the parties.The dispute resulted in RUB 20 million in customer loss prevention.
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Successful representation of Global Credit Reserve’s minority creditor in a claim challenging a majority creditor’s decision to sell a single RUB 250 million asset for RUB 2, with customer’s interests protected in all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
Successful defense of the debtor's former manager in an administrator claim for RUB 130+ million in subsidiary liability for violating the obligation to transfer accounting documentation to the manager and submit debtor's bankruptcy notice to the court.
Successful representation of Gracio Investments Ltd, a creditor in a bankruptcy case, to include a RUB 295 million property backed claim to the debt ledger. Court litigation revealed creditors allied with the debtor attempting to challenge the transaction serving as our customer’s claim base. We managed to defend the customer’s claims, despite the said attempts to challenge a pledge transaction.
Successful customer representation in a case of the former Sotsinvestbank owner bankruptcy, resulting in recovery of a longstanding debt.
Representing a creditor in bankruptcy proceedings of a state agricultural holding where we exposed a deliberate bankruptcy, resulting in criminal charges against debtor’s officials.
Representing a major lumber manufacturer as debtor in bankruptcy proceedings.
Successful representation of a scheduled creditor challenging a property ownership share disposal agreement as part of a personal bankruptcy.
Representing minority shareholders and the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Property Management Agency, in the bankruptcy procedure of a corporate real estate owner in the Moscow region.
Drafting an unlisted creditor application to pursue subsidiary liability on individuals controlling the debtor (formal and actual manager), representation in bankruptcy proceedings.
Representing Investstroy in a bankruptcy case to challenge fictitious claims lodged by creditors allied with the bankrupt based on valid and legal court rulings. We defended the customer’s interests in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, precluding the said creditors from influencing the bankruptcy process.
Representing a creditor of Gazstroyengineering in an administrator’s claim to invalidate an asphalt and concrete plant sale and purchase agreement and a set-off agreement as suspect transactions with unfair preference, resulting in continued plant ownership.
Ensuring presence of a controlling majority of votes at a creditor meeting and completion of a bankruptcy case based on the observation (on behalf of the persons controlling the debtor).